This low voltage relay is used for control of lighting circuits and other electrical loads in WattStopper’s Lighting Integrator control panels. Momentary, low voltage pulses from the panel’s control system switch the relays on or off. Mechanical latching operation results in lower power consumption. The relay will remain in the last switched state in the event of a power loss. A built-in manual actuator allows lights to be turned on in the event of a panel or relay failure. The relay mounts into a standard knockout and comes with a plug-in cable for easy panel connection. Typically, users specify the number of relays and the panel is assembled and shipped with this quantity.
  • 30-Amp rated for ballast lighting loads
  • Five-pin pluggable connector for easy low voltage connection
  • Single pole, heavy duty power contacts
  • Mechanically latching
  • Built-in manual actuator
  • 14,000 Amp SCCR
  • Plug Load rated
  • UL 20 listed for receptacle circuit control


General Info
Type: Lighting integrator standard low voltage, Lighting Integrator Complete Control, Accessories
Special Features: Single Pole
Technical Info
Volts: 24 VDC
Cutsheet Download
HDR Low Voltage Relay PDF
WS Bulletin / Whitepaper Download
(White Paper) Specifying Relay Panels for Lighting Control PDF
CAD Drawing Download Preview
60-150 - On/Off Power Wiring to Zone
60-151 - On/Off Hi/Lo Power Wiring