The HB350W-L3, HB350W-L4, HB340W-L3 and HB340W-L4 High Bay Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensors for Wet Locations consist of a sensor and a lens module. These components are designed to work as a convenient system. HB3x0W-Lx occupancy sensors are designed for automatic lighting control in warehouses and other medium and high bay wet location applications. Different models offer a choice of coverage patterns for a range of applications.
  • IP65 rated for wet locations
  • Multiple mounting options for easy installation
  • Lens choices for mounting between 20-40 feet
  • Line voltage for direction connection to load


General Info
Type: High Bay Occupancy Sensor
Special Features: IP65, UL 244A and 508 rated
Typical Applications: Nurseries, Greenhouses, Food Processing Facilities, Parking Garages, Industrial Facilities
Technical Info
Operating Temperature Fahrenheit: -40-158°F
Response Time: 15 mins
Volts: 120/277 VAC,347/480VAC
Cutsheet Download
HB3x0W-Lx High Bay Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensors for Wet Locations PDF
Installation Instructions Download
HB340W-Lx_HB350W-LX High Bay PIR Occupancy Sensors for Wet Locations PDF
HB300W-Lx High Bay PIR Occupancy Sensor for Wet Locations PDF
OEM Data Sheet Download
HB Wet OEM Datasheet PDF
HBLW OEM Datasheet PDF
HBEM3W OEM Datasheet PDF