The LMLS-600 is a dual loop photosensor that automatically switches or dims one zone of lighting based on ambient light and daylight levels. It has two silicon photodiodes with an extended range of 1-10,000 footcandles (fc) and features photopic correction to mimic the human eye’s perception of daylight. The LMLS-600 is part of a Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system and sends light level signals to control loads connected to DLM on/off or dimming room controllers.
  • Can be calibrated in any daylight condition 
  • Test Mode override of programmed time delay allows easy verification of selected settings 
  • Infrared (IR) transceiver for wireless configuration and control 
  • Recalibrates every night to account for reflectance changes within the space 
  • Compatible with DLM wall switches for manual override, if desired 
  • LED status indicators 
  • RJ45 jack for connection to free-topology Cat 5e DLM local network 
  • Complies with California Title 24, Section 119 requirements 
  • RoHS compliant


General Info
Type: Single zone
Special Features: Dual Loop Photosensor
Typical Applications: Spaces with skylights, Warehouses, Big box retail stores
Technical Info
Light Output 1FC D: Switching and Dimming
Volts: 24 VDC
Cutsheet Download
LMLS-600 Dual Loop Switching and Dimming Photosensor Cut sheet PDF
Installation Instructions Download
LMLS-600 DLM Dual Loop Single Zone Photosensor PDF
Supporting Document Download
Dual Loop Photosensors for Skylight Applications PDF
CLTC Dual Loop Photosensor Case Study PDF