When putting a stop to energy waste is your priority, partner with WattStopper.

At WattStopper, we've delivered control innovations for nearly 30 years. Today, our products and solutions can help you achieve your energy management objectives now and well into the future. From intelligent distributed solutions like Digital Lighting Management to superior stand-alone occupancy and vacancy sensors, we have energy-efficient controls that continue to bring value to design professionals, contractors, and end users.


DLM provides control infrastructure at every switch, outlet, and lighting load for optimal energy performance. Every control point is accessible in real time from anywhere in the world and an innovative tile interface automatically organizes data in interactive displays, simplifying system management at any level of control. DLM is the most powerful and robust, best-of-class solution to energy-efficient lighting and customer experience on the road to a net zero future.


Our popular stand-alone lighting controls offer proven performance for virtually every application, whether at work or at home. You can rely on WattStopper to help solve energy code compliance issues cost-effectively.
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