Lighting Energy Calculator
Use the Lighting Energy Calculator to identify the lighting control strategies that best match your energy savings goals for retrofit or new construction projects.

Compare different control methods with pre-defined Lighting Control Measures (LCMs) to achieve additional maximum energy lighting savings.

Quick Assessment

With the Quick Assessment,, you'll provide only a few datapoints to rapidly calculate potential energy savings for a single room. Print or email the Quick Assessment Summary.

Full Assessment

Use PlugCalc to calculate your energy savings opportunities as well as Return on Investment (ROI) by automatically controlling plugged in office equipment and other plug loads.

This is a helpful tool for energy efficiency professionals, energy-conscious homeowners, or anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

PlugCalc Assessment

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The Full Assessment presents anticipated savings using lighting controls and updated lighting, anticipated energy usage and return on investment (ROI) for an entire building project. Users can perform this assessment for multiple projects and retain data for future reference. Reports can also be personalized for use in submittal packages and proposals.