• Multi Zone, Open loop (1)
  • Single zone (1)
  • Single Zone, Closed Loop (1)
Special Features
  • Dual Loop Photosensor (1)
  • RoHS compliant, LED status indictors (1)
  • Open Offices, Cafeterias, Classrooms, Warehouses (1)
  • Private Offices, Cafeterias, Classrooms Atriums, Lobbies (1)
  • Spaces with skylights, Warehouses, Big box retail stores (1)
Sequence of Operation
  • On/Off, Bi-level, Tri-level or Dimming Control (2)
  • Switching and Dimming (1)
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LMLS-500 Multi-zone Switching and Dimming Open Loop Digital...

The LMLS-500 is an open loop, multi-zone photosensor that measures the daylight contribution in...

LMLS-600 Dual Loop Photosensor
LMLS-600 Dual Loop Switching and Dimming Photosensor

The LMLS-600 is a dual loop photosensor that automatically switches or dims one zone of lighting...

LMLS-400 Single Zone Switching and Dimming Closed Loop Digital...

The LMLS-400 is a closed loop photosensor that measures the ambient light level in order to...